I had an arm implant inserted, condom broke, pharmacy reassured us that I wouldn’t be pregnant?

Hello there – Im a 29 year old female and back in march I had the arm implant inserted and didn’t get my period that month.
At the end of April, my period started last Thursday and its still going… I was wondering if this alright if its this long as I haven’t experienced it before or its because I didn’t have a period last month?
Also last Friday, me and my partner had an accident where the condom split but we visited the pharmacy who reassured us that I wouldn’t be pregnant even though I was on my period and the implant…
And today, it seems my stomach is heavy and I feel sick so Im not sure if its due to the period/implant or pregnancy

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  1. Most probably you are not pregnant as it is not possible to get pregnant on these basis, however the period is normal to stay for a bit longer as your body hormones are still adjusting to the device..
    Is the amount of blood normal as usual periods or different ?
    Is it heavy?
    Do you have dizziness?

  2. Hi
    It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant, probably implant side effects, long period is a side effect of the implant so I see no reason to be concerned
    Good Luck

  3. To be in the safe side do blood pregnancy test after 3 weeks, but it’s obvious that its a side effect for the implant inserted,you need to consult a gynecologist for the bleeding

  4. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    Sometimes excessive bleeding can be seen post implant placement due to body’s adjustment to the contraceptive..
    There can be some hormonal changes that can be a cause.
    Your symptoms are not necessarily suggestive of pregnancy and for a confirmation of exact cause consult a Gynaecologist and he thoroughly examined..
    A pelvic ultrasound and a blood test can help..

    Hope this helps..

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