5 Comments on “I had an acute EBV antibody test done and my results were all negative

  1. hi,
    yes,a chronic EBV infection also can be ruled out by this test.
    If the results are negative,you need not worry.
    A PCR test will be more sensitive.

  2. You are considered to have a primary EBV infection if you have anti-VCA IgM but do not have antibody to EBNA ,so in order to exclude chronic infection you should do a EBV nuclear antigen (EBNA).. While Anti-EA IgG tells whether you have an acute infection …

  3. U should do blood film and mono spot test ….

  4. Hi
    NO, you can not rule out chronic EBV, you need EBV nuclear antigen test to rule out chronic EBV
    EBV nuclear antigen is different from EBV antibody
    Good Luck

  5. Hi..
    The antibody detection test for EBV is appropriate but if you still want further confirmation you can opt for Polymerase Chain Reaction..
    Also if you are completely assymptomatic then there is nothing to be worried..

    Hope this helps..


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