4 Comments on “I had an accident four weeks back and injured my foot

  1. Hi x ray is not clear
    Yet i can see what seems like ligament sprain in the small toe and osteoarthritis in your big toe second metatarsal

    Please upload a better photo resolution with focus on the painfull area
    There is also notible osteoporosis in the small toe which can cause pain

    The painfull are i suppose is your big toe join which show decreased joined space and osteoarthritis

    Please clarify time of x ray related to injury , and a better image of the area you are complaining about

    What do you mean by plater is applyed ?
    And why ?

    Good Luck

  2. İn my opinion.this xray shows mild osteoarthritic changes in your big toe and may be medial foot ligamentous sprain ..
    The film is not so clear you can tell me your complain now?

  3. hi
    the image you have posted is not sharp enough .
    a fracture cannot be entirely ruled out though.
    now that you have already applied a plaster, continue with it.
    take adequate rest,analgesics and calcium / vitamin D3 supplements.

  4. More obvious x ray would be better

    But let me ask you, do you still feel pain, difficulty in walking , any limping..
    Is your quality of life is affected ??

    Waiting for your response..

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