I had a stage 4 endometriosis doctors say my uterus is damaged?

Hi,I m 26 years old.I had a stage 4 endometriosis and I m done with the laparoscopy procedure too.It was a blood cyst removed in the laparoscopy operation.My both ovaries were infected.Right ovary had an about 5cm cyst and left had 10cm cyst both were stretching the ovarian tissues.After the operation my doctors said my uterus tubes had been infected by the cyst which now treated by the injections .Injections were must for me to recover from this.so,I had been on Zoladex 6.3 injections then ..it was a course of 6 injections.due to these injections my periods are not coming..now the course is finished.But still my doctors are saying that the infection is removed but it has damaged my uterus tubes,due to which m having pregnancy issues.I have no baby yet.doctors saying I have to go for the test tube baby procedure.otherwise i wont be able to get pregnant..plz help me in this I dont no what to do now..

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  1. Usually after these kind of surgeries the main problem is the adhesions left behind in the tubes..
    I have treated many of them with ultrasound waves (therapeutic) and or shortwave diathermy ..
    And they usually get pregnant after 5-7sessions ,ask your doctor if you can try this..

  2. Hi
    stage 4 endometriosis identify by laparoscopy Is definitive no question about it I recommend going with test tube baby procedure , you can go with interferential current therapy to try cut off adhesions also you need a strong ultrasound treatment like 80 MHertz
    Good Luck

  3. I recommend u yo start doing IVF .. its now with a very high success rate, i recommend u as dr ayman said as well to treat the adhesions first … Inside the uterus..

    Good luck

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