I had a semen analysis, need second doctor opinion and more advice?

31 male. No medication. I had a vasectomy 2 years ago and it took roughly 6 months of semen analysis saying 1 or rnms. My urologist had me bring a sample and said I’m sterile. He used a microscope. I wanted a clear lab result so at a year I went and received 2 clear samples!! After the lab spilled 2 of them in transit. I thought about the issues and had 1 more test done last month to make sure and the result was sperm present. So again my urologist had me bring a sample in and he said without a doubt I’m sterile. I asked why the lab said there were sperm and he said sometimes they don’t know what they are looking at. It was quest diagnostics. Now I’m unsure. Can a lab be wrong? Or trust my dr.

In response to my previous question ( http://careproper.com/i-had-a-semen-analysis-not-convinced-lab-analyzed-it-correctly/) of different dr and lab results from vasectomy. It says few sperm observed 1-5hpf from an uncentrifuged specimen.

Sample was qns for concentration

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  1. Hi
    1-5hpf means your sterile, however (Sample was qns for concentration) means lab is admitting result is unreliable, which means test repeating is recommended
    Hope I was of help

  2. In my opinion you should do another test,basically this result indicate sterility but the lab results could be untrue …
    Any way redo the test and be assured with what is going on.

  3. Sperm count must be abive specific number to be fertile…
    Here this number indicates that u r sterike cause u r under this number…

    Repeat the test..
    Discuss with your doctor , can he collect the normal sperms if found to do ICSI..

  4. hi,
    the tests seem to be unreliable though they indicate sterility.
    better to get the test repeated from a different lab.

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