I had a miscarriage on Jan. 2 2018?

I had a miscarriage on Jan. 2 2018. I found out I was pregnant again! On March 1st. Had my first normal period after miscarriage late night Feb. 2, Was wondering if u could help me with the possible conception dates. Had sex the 7th of Feb. Last day of period. And then again on the 12th and 14th. I’m pretty sure the later dates are the winners but a little concerned just when my ovulation was due to miscarriage. Thank you if u could help

Age: 32
Medications: None
General Information: Had an ultrasound on March 28, tech said I was measuring at 8 weeks. With a due date of Nov.9, 2018

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  1. Hello. Based on the information you have provided, I calculate the conception date to have been the 12th. Regards

  2. So could have sex on the 7th result in the pregnancy…

  3. Hi
    In an ideal menstrual cycle of 28 days the ovulation occurs on 14th day.
    A day or two can be a fluctuation.
    So if you had your period on 2nd then according to probability of 14 th day it should be around 14th.
    So 12 th or 14 th both are the possible days, but most probably it should be 14th for ovulation.

    Hope this helps.


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