I had a miscarriage, could I have lost only one of the twin babies?

I had a miscarriage about two months ago I was plus minus 4weeks and the doctor I had seen when I started bleeding was a gp (it was my first time going to have as I was new in the area, I had only taken a digital pregnancy test and was yet to have an ultrasound done) he did an ultrasound and said I lost the ban y of I bleed more than 7dsys I should come back. I stopped on the 7th day but during this time when I bled I had passed lots of blood cloths and something that looked like a fetus. I only had sexual intercourse once after the miscarriage and my partner had “pulled out” I had my period a week after that. I have been getting slight morning sickness and feeling nauseous from certain foods and hardly eating. Could I be pregnant again? Could I have been pregnant with twins and the gp did not notice in the scan? I have taken a test and it says positive.

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  1. You can still test positive for 19 days after miscarriage even more in some cases

    In my opinion no chance of having a twin
    But you may have higher chances of another healthy pregnancy if you try

    Good Luck

  2. hi
    yes,these may be signs of pregnancy.
    its highly impossible that the GP did not notice twins in scan.
    twins are seen as 2 separate fertilised ova that should be picked up quite easily on scan.

  3. In my opinion these are not indicators of pregnancy at this stage.
    You can not have a normal period while you are pregnant .
    You need to check with ultrasound for abnormalities in your uterus or you can be having infection ..
    Sorry for this.

  4. having a period after the abortion kills any suspicion of the presence of any fetus inside..

    If u had sex with you husband again you may be now pregnant, do pregnancy blood test, to make sure and also US

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