I had a knee operation 13 months ago?

I had a knee operation 13 months ago. Around 3 months ago I fell over a pallet in work and attended the hospital to get my knee checked but there was nothing found.
2 weeks ago I was on holiday and it suddenly gave in on me, leaving my knee popping and me in pain and my knee swelling. It reduced with a cold compression but after flying and doing normal activities it has swollen again and painful. Any ideas what this could be please?

Age: 25
Medications: Asthma inhalers, eczema creams, epi pen

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  1. It would be relevant to know what kind of procedure you underwent and why. But it may just be a dislocated knee – dislocated or subluxated patella. If so, you should (after proper imaging to rule out any other problem) consult a physical therapist who will recommend procedures, orthopedic brace and/or exercises to strengthen muscles, reduce pain so as to prevent this from occurring again.

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