I had a hysterectomy last year now it broke?

I had a hysterectomy last year, my friends came to visit me when I returned home and we were laughing and I felt something pop, I assumed I burst some stitches. I didn’t have any pain at the time as I was taking gabapentin for capsulitis in both shoulders. I recently weaned off gabapentin and I am in severe pain and distention in my abdomen. My GP referred me for an ultrasound on my ovaries which came back clear, but I am still in agony.


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2 Comments on “I had a hysterectomy last year now it broke?

  1. Hi..
    Can you please tell that is the pain at the stitches site or any other places also?
    Do you have any pain during urination also?
    Are you constipated or have painful bowels?

    Please revert back with answers..

  2. You should get a full abdominal ultrasound done to check for injury to other organs or adhesions..
    Also was it a Laparoscopy surgery ?

    Please revert back..

    Regards .

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