I had a disc removed ( L2) pain in my lower back has never improved?

Hi there, just over a year ago i had a disc removed ( L2), I’m fully aware of any side affects which have been slightly improved with physio, pilates and general fitness regime, however, the pain in my lower back – central and left to right has never improved,. I’ve bee back to the GP and had another ultra scan on the initial operation point but nothing found ?? no attempt was made to scan the other areas in pain. I’m not on any type of medication although i do have lots left over, morphiene, co-hydracodiene, napraxin etc. I’m in constant pain and would really appreciate your thoughts on why I’m still suffering with pain !!

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  1. Possibilities in your case is either a new slipped disc which needs MRI to find it..or adhesions formed on the site of the operation intra fascial ..
    I think it is time to see an osteopath ..
    Also ultrasound therapy can help much.

  2. hi
    this is called a failed back syndrome.
    pain recurs even after doing a spinal surgery.
    this can be due to inadequately decompressed or improperly performed disc surgery .
    other reason is a slipping of the adjoining disc.
    get a fresh MRI done.
    consult a neurosurgeon.

  3. Hi
    In my opinion causes of continuous pain in area of L2/3 is usually due to lumber spine osteoporosis, i recommend calcium and vit d supplement for 6 month + wear a back brace
    Good Luck

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