I had a CT scan and a spot showed up on my lung, please advise?

I had a CT done on 8/7/17, a spot showed up on my lung. Apparently to small to do a biopsy. I am a smoker, and of course this got my attention. Also a spot showed up on my liver. The doctor said to come back in a year? Should I be seeing a different doctor, the doctor I was seeing is a Urologist because I was having an issued with kidney stones. What do I do now? I’m 68 year old female.


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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Spots on the lungs can be due to a number of causes like infections, non cancerous growth , cancerous growth etc..
    So it should be decided by a thorough clinical evaluation by a Specialist and further investigations if needed like biopsy can be done for confirmation..

    So you should consult a Pulmonologist and get evaluated..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Also a spot on liver can be due to causes like hepatic adenoma, focal nodal hyperplasia, hepatic granuloma etc..
    So further evaluation is a must..


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