I had a back fusion at l4-s1 now have anterlothesis of l4 on l5, do I need surgery?

I am a 35 yr old female. I had a back fusion at l4-s1 about 4 yrs ago. I have recently been having a lot of pain when I bend forward and try to straighten back up. It feels like it locks on me. So I had an xray done, and it shows that I have anterlothesis of l4 on l5, and it increases with flexion. My pain doctor referred me to a surgeon because he said it should not be moving like that due to it being fused there. Is he right? Is this abnormal movement?

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  1. If your surgery was fusion of l4 l5 andl5 s1 as a whole then it should not be moving..
    Anterior slippage of the vertebrae can have complications on your lower limbs and even the spinal cord .
    The degree of slippage differs in treatment ..
    If it is 1st degree then physiotherapy is enough with behaviour modification .
    If it is 2nd or 3rd degree then another surgery may be needed ..

  2. Hi
    First fusion for any number of vertebra can cause the above or below verebra to slide ( spondylolisthesis ) usually anteriorly or develop a disk lesion (as one vertebra doing 5 vertebras work) , i recommend that you do a motion X ray to check if it us really moving with motion or it has moved few milimeters and that is it
    If it is moving then immediately do another surgery , if not you have options
    Unfortunately in both cases with fusion physical therapy effect can be temporary unless you lose lots of trunk weight, if you won t do physio or lose lots of abdominal weight then do the surgery

    Good Luck

  3. By the way spondylolisthesis should not (could not ) happen after a fusion
    Something really wrong here
    Bone is fixed by metal , how does it slide ?!!

  4. My farther had the same thing and it was a complication in surgery, is this a couinsidence or do you have the same thing?

  5. hi
    its a paradox actually.
    once the L4-S1 have been fused,then listhesis should not occur actually.
    get a neurosurgeon opinion before getting a 2nd surgery done on your spine.
    it will lead to lot of complications.

  6. He is totally right,
    Such complication rarely happens.. but it happens

    Discuss ot with your surgeon , he must have either an explanation or an apology

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