I had 8 negative pregnancy tests and then 1 positive?

Hello, on February 26th I had taken Plan b one step ( The morning after pill) 12 hours after intercourse with my husband. Well during the next 2 weeks I’ve had horrible side effects since taking the pill. I decided to take 6 first response pregnancy test every day for 6 days. They were all negative. I decided to take two more tests the day of the appointment with my gynecologist which were also negative. The same morning my gynecologist gave me a urine pregnancy test at his office which was positive. How is is possible if I had 8 negative tests including that morning and his urine test was positive???

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  1. hi,
    you are right.This seems highly impossible.
    The test may have been mis-interpretated.
    I suggest you to get a B-HCG test in the laboratory done and a ultrasound abdomen to confirm pregnancy.

  2. Do blood test .. to confirm,
    Urine test is not conclusive.

  3. Hi
    Pregnancy test show positive 1-4 days after expected time of period, home tests are not reliable, I recommend that you check for tube pregnancy to be safe

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, pregnancy test done via blood is highly sensitive and tend to give more precise results..
    But having a number of urine pregnancy tests is questionable and in case if pregnancy is suspected a transvaginal ultrasound can be done for further confirmation to check for the foetal pole..

    Hope this helps..


  5. This means you are more probably pregnant,as The urine pregnancy test will usually not become positive in most women until a missed period or about a week after implantation. The urine test is usually positive at a missed period, but only about 25% of pregnant women will test positive with the HPT 2 days before a missed period, and about 40% the day before the missed period.

  6. As Dr Ahmed said ,
    Tube test is a serious, rare but serious possibility , if u felt any severe pain in the abdomen, check for it ..

    Do US as well
    But as mentioned, start with the blood test

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