I got a MRI of the brain and cervical spine, there is a 1.8 cm left maxillary sinus cyst, is it a concern?

Female, 24. Symptoms include flashes in the left eye plus a shadowy ripple effect flutter in the deep left bottom corner in the same eye, flashes occur about 20 times a day and the flutter doesn’t go away. Eye pain as well and sometimes severely, horrible head aches that make me cry actual tears. I always feel tired like I don’t get enough sleep. There are nights when I will sleep through the entire night. Or I have nights when I wake up about every hour and a half, almost exactly. My legs and feet always sore, it feels most insense when I lay down. I will randomly get very bad bladder pains. It feels like the actual lining of my bladder is being attacked. It just gets very painful and no matter how I sit or lay it hurts, I haven’t figured out a way to soothe it yet for when it does happen. I get dizzy at times, especially in heat. It’s most intense in the shower, to where I don’t even attempt to stand anymore. With this being said, I have been seen, however I am more looking for a second opinion on what to do. I was seen by a retina specialist who was suspicious of retina detachment or damage to the ocular nerve. Long story short he found zero damage to both. So I was referred to a neurologist. I got a MRI of the brain and cervical spine. The cervical spine was normal, and the brain was normal with one exception. It says on the report that there is a 1.8 cm left maxillary sinus cyst. the doctor did not explain what that is to me, nor did anything for me. I have no follow up or anything either. Wouldn’t a cyst almost an inch big inside a head strike a concern?


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  1. maxillary sinus cyst can cause serious problems as it is located near the base of brain
    If i am your doctor i will suspect it to be the cause of left eye pain
    If its size keeps increasing it can cause more problems
    I suggest you take it seriously

  2. Maxillary sinus cyst management depends on its size and the manifestations ..it can be left untreated if there is no related symptoms.
    In your case I think it could be the cause of most of your eye related problems so it must be treated specially if symptoms increased.
    My wishes with speedy recovery

  3. hi
    i have gone through the reports and i feel that this cyst is the underlying cause for eye related issues. 1.8 cm is significantly large and needs treatment for sure.
    you are too young to neglect it.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    the cyst may be causing referrred symptoms to the left eye.
    get it curetted before it causes pressure symptoms on the surrounding structures.

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