I fractured my elbow, should I be using an elbow brace

Hello, I’m (…) and I’m 20. I have a question regarding the use of an elbow brace. I fractured my elbow a year and 4 months ago, I currently have “nails” in and wanted to know if I should be using an elbow brace when playing contacts sports and if so is there a specific kind I should use? I’m currently not taking any medication, I was prescribed azetomenofen for the pain. I haven’t had any major pain recently but have had slight pains when playing sports.

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  1. If you have gained full range of motion and muscle power with physiotherapy and you are back to playing sports and feeling some pain while playing you can wear a normal elbow support to prevent sudden rotations and overloads that may cause strain or tendinitis ..
    Do not forget that always treating the cause ( muscle weakness ) is the first line of treatment …

  2. Hi there
    No brace is needed , i recommend that you to strengthen your wrist flexiors (common flexor origin muscles ) and your biceps / bracialis muscles, strech your triceps

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    if you have had a recent Xray done and if it shows signs of a complete solid bony union,then no brace is required.

    If there is any problem regarding the nail or the fracture,only then brace is recommended.

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