I fell when running up the stairs six days ago?

I fell when running up the stairs six days ago. I caught myself on the edge of a table with the inside of my upper right arm. It bruised massively with a large bump. Bruising is healing nicely more yellow and pinkish splotches now but a golf ball sized knot remains on the inner upper arm. Will this reduce in time or do I need to have it checked?

Age: 56
Medications: Levothyroxine

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  1. Normally it should resolve by itself within another 7 to 15 days. If it doesn’t begin to fade, it is better to get it checked out, there may be some other problem involved. In the meantime apply warm compresses a few times per day – it will help.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    As per your complain it seems that due to hitting with the edge of the table there has been injury to the soft tissues and the knot or lump seems to be due to hematoma formation and it occurs due to rupture of blood vessels and accumulation of blood in the soft tissues..
    I would suggest you to do alternate warm and cool compresses over the area..
    You can take anti inflammatory painkiller like Ibuprofen if there is pain..
    Apply Heparin gel as it will help in resolving the lump soon..
    In case of no improvement in a week consult an Emergency room and get evaluated..

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