4 Comments on “I feel pain at the heart several times in a day?

  1. The pain in chest can have many causes ..please let me know
    Where exactly is the pain?
    Is there any other symptoms?

  2. hi,
    this can be due to gastritis,reflux or heart relatedf problems.
    get a ECG done to see if the heart is ok.
    take antacids and avoid junk , spicy food.

  3. Hi
    This is not a heart issue this is either sever stress or lung pain or even acid reflux, in my opinion you are experiencing non of heart related symptoms
    No reason to worry
    Good Luck

  4. Its mostly myositis , chest ms spasm ..

    Let me ask you.do feel any pain related to meals, any palpitation, any chest pain that related to effort.. any other relevant other symptoms .. any medical hx??

    Are u a smoker, drink alcohol that much, ??

    U need physical examination, routine investigations like cbc, RBS, ecg,


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