I failed a drug test, what drugs can cause this?

I recently had a drug screen from a lab and I failed to my surprise for methamphetamine.
My doctor stated that only five things that I could have ingested could cause a faulty positive. Could you please tell me what could be? I am on a number of medications for migraine relief, I am not sure why this has happened.

Age: 35
Medications: Propanol, elivil, topomax,imitrex,sucacarafate, Omeprazole

4 Comments on “I failed a drug test, what drugs can cause this?

  1. Hi,
    Omeprazole can cause it and its combination with elavil and imitrex , so you should tell them about this drug ..

  2. Hi
    Omeprazole is causing your false postive
    Also ibuprofen can cause same result
    Good Luck

  3. Hello there!I think in your case Amitriptiline (Elivil) must have caused positive test for methamphetamine.I recommend that they should take up second test ,a specific test to confirm.Do not worry.Explain them about the medications you have been taking for migraine.Hope it helps.Best luck!

  4. Hi..
    Elavil and omitted and also Omeprazole can cause the false positive..
    You need to tell them about the medication..


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