I experience anxiety, I want to start meditation?

Hi, I am a 23 year old individual that experiences anxiety. I want to start meditation and had a concern regarding this. From the ages of 10-14 I actually had epilepsy, but then took medication and it went into remission and since then I have not experienced a seizure. I was just wondering, because I have been reading numerous scholarly articles on the effects of meditation on individuals with epilepsy that it can persist seizures. Is it safe to practice meditation if I had a history of epilepsy?

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  1. There is an ongoing debate on whether meditation is good or not for people suffering from Epilepsy. The jury is still out on that one. But we know studies have shown that Meditation does in fact alter the brain neuro chemistry which is also involved in promoting and developing Epilepsy. So there is some kind of proven connection there. In your case, you have to balance the benefits vs harm of meditation. Since you have not had any seizures for the past 10 years, meditation would pose an unnecessary risk. – since anxiety can be alleviated by other natural treatments (other than medication and pure meditation).. First you need to confirm that your anxiety is not caused by a medical condition. Consult your Doctor for CBC blood test, Thyroid and Hormone test and Blood Sugar. You can then try Psychotherapy, Lifestyle changes, Exercise or Yoga (physical rather than meditative varieties), and basic breathing exercises. These will help reduce your anxiety while at the same time not increase the chances of possible Epileptic recurrence.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    There are certain research that concludes that Relaxation meditation can cause trigger of seizures.

    For many people stress is a trigger for seizures so learning to manage stress becomes very important in managing their epilepsy.

    Yet for others, meditation can cause seizures.

    Eliminating stressors may be helpful, but not all stressors can be eliminated so learning to cope with stress is essential for people with epilespy, whether or not they use meditation as a tool.

    So better consult a Psychologist and get evaluated for your anxiety problems.

    Proper counselling, steess relieving exercises and yoga can help in reducing anxiety.

    Also read motivational books and keep yourself busy..


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