I cut my finger and may have been exposed to HIV, should I be tested?


I am currently a paramedic student working in South Africa. I had an incident when changing over a fluid bag on a patient. When changing the fluid bag I cut my finger on the spike near the top that punctures into the fluid bag. I noticed that blood had started to move slightly up the IV line but not all the way up.

I also had blood on my gloves at this stage. Although I cut my finger it was a tiny paperlike cut that only slightly bled if even at all.

I am now really anxious about contracting HIV is this at all possible. Should I be tested? Or does my incident not warrent as a method of transmission

I’d appreciate any advice. Thank you

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  1. Actually it is worth testing .. This is one way of transmission although it is rare possibility according to what you described ..

  2. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, the chances of HIV transmission are only possible if the patient for whom the fluid bag was changed is HIV infected..

    However if the patient is not exposed then chances of you getting infection are less..

    So first check with the patient..

    In case if you still want to confirm you can get tested after a minimum of 3 weeks..

    Please write back for more queries..

    Hope this helps..

  3. Hi
    I recommend immediate test, early treatment very effective,
    There is a good chance you did not get it as blood pressure in your body can be higher than bag fluids
    Do the antigen test not the antibody
    Good Luck

  4. hi,
    why take chances?
    i recommend you to get tested as early as possible.
    Better to be safe than to repent later.
    Get a 4th generation pcrrna test done and take a prophylaxis soon.

  5. Well,
    As my dear collegue said , if the patient is known to be infected HIV, the possibilities of transmission will exist, but at the same time, many admitted patients do not know whether they r infected or not
    So i recommend you to do the HIV and HCV, HBV tests to rule out the transmission… To be in the safe side


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