5 Comments on “I chipped a bone on the end of my elbow?

  1. Have you done an Cray for your elbow??
    Is there any swelling?
    How old are you?
    Is there any limitation in the range of motion ?

  2. Hi
    Do an x ray to confirm , according to the fracture sight you may need cast or a surgery
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    yes,this needs medical attention.
    you should get an Xray done and get a fracture ruled out.
    consult a orthopedist.

  4. First of all do an x Ray..

    Do u have any pain or limitation of movement or redness hotness swelling or fever??

    We need to make sure about the diagnosis first

  5. Hi..
    If you think there s a chipped bone, then you need to get it investigated right away with an x ray..
    Consult an Orthopedician and get evaluated..
    As of now take pain relievers if the pain is intolerable and apply analgesic topical ointments..

    Hope this helps..

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