I came up positive for amphetamine, was I wrongfully discharged?

I was seeing a pain management dr and she was prescribing me percocet. I told the dr I wasn’t taking it bc I was extremely ill and taking dayquil/nyquil, zpak and my inhaler occasionally. They discharged me bc they said I should have came up positive for amphetamine. I argued with with them for 30 minutes saying amphetamine and acetaminophen are 2 completely different thing but she kept arguing with me that they were the same. I think i know the difference between the 2 bc i work in the health care field. So does this mean I was wrongfully discharged?

4 Comments on “I came up positive for amphetamine, was I wrongfully discharged?

  1. hi,
    you are absolutely right.
    both are absolutely different in their actions,chemical compositions and pharmacological actions and are in noway related to each other.
    yes,u were wrongfully discharged i feel.

  2. Hi
    I agree with you they are totaly different, normaly you should test negative to amphetamine , (what the hell your doctor talking about ?), you should be able to sue them
    Good Luck

  3. They are two different drugs , but let me ask you why were u admitted in the first place..?

  4. In my opinion yes you were wrongly discharged they are completely different..
    Are you sure you have been in a hospital!!
    And you were arguing a doctor!!

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