I came down with acute viral myocarditis, doctors say its due to anxiety. Need 2nd opinion?

I’m a 35 year old male with no prior health conditions. About 2 months ago, I came down with acute viral myocarditis. During my stay in the hospital, I had an echocardiogram and lexiscan preformed. The echo showed mild mitral valve regurgitation, trace tricuspid regurgitation, left ventricular hypertrophy, and possible right atrial dilation with an EF of 60%. The lexiscan showed no blocked arteries, with a EF of 55 at rest and 54% during activity, results were unremarkable.
Ever since I left the hospital, I’ve had frequent PVC’s throughout the day (never previously had them) and unspecified chest pain in different locations, SOB, a weird jittery feeling in my heart and a sensation of drowning. My SPO2 levels always drop when lying on my back from a normal of 96% to 91-92%.
Since all this has happened, I have gone back to the ER once a week because I feel like things aren’t right. My EKG’s are always abnormal, they say things like abnormal qrst angle, twave abnormality, the twave inversion, left ventricular hypertrophy, and the doctors after looking at them say they’re fine. The chest xray is always okay, and my cardiac enzymes are down. They say follow up with my cardiologist.
I have followed up with cardiology, he preformed another echo, said my heart looked beautiful and EF is 60%. He did a two day event Holter and said my heart rate at one point went to 150 and then started talking about panic attack and completely dismissed my heart and said these things are being brought on by anxiety.
I’m no expert, but I cannot see how anxiety will cause abnormal EKG’s and my SPO2 to rise fall so dramatically. Any imput will be greatly appreciated. I am seeking a second opinion, but the doctor is going to preform the same tests. Is there any other tests they could preform to completely rule out heart problems? I’m afraid my heart is just going to stop beating.

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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
    There are many causes of myocarditis, including viral infections, autoimmune diseases, environmental toxins, and adverse reactions to medications.
    So the myocarfitis itself is not caused by anxiety..
    But the other symptoms may strongly relate to increased anxiety and stress…the done tests are good to rule out any cardiac disease..
    It is advised to start a mild to moderate form of brisk walking exercises .
    Yoga,deep breathing exercises ..meditation .
    Avoid caffeine .

  2. Well i agree with your doctor 100% your heart is fine
    You are having panic attacks
    U need to see a psychologist
    Good Luck

  3. HI

  4. hi
    even i feel its due to anxiety. de-stress yourself,yoga,meditation will be helpful.
    consultation with a good counsellor shall help you overcome the anxiety.

  5. hello there
    viral myocarditis can be the root cause with superadded anxiety.consult a physician and get the necessary investigations done.

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