I am tired, legs feel heavy and have disequilibrium, doctors can’t pinpoint problem?

I’m a 38 year old male. No real known health issues other than high cholesterol 239 total. I’m 5’8 172 lbs. I’m not a smoker or drinker. Around August and September I started to feel little more tired and legs felt heavy. I started also to have this disequilibrium or off balance sensation during time of walking. Dr said was alergies so he put me on fluticasone nasal spray. Really didn’t help so next was meclizine and didn’t help either. Well on November 4th I went to ER cause urgent care dr thought maybe I had appendicitis. . Went to ER and did ultra sound of abdomen and blood work. Ultrasound was normal and blood work didn’t show any infection so sent me home and follow up with my dr. I did so in 3 days, sent me to gastroenterologist and did a hida scan. Before the scan, I got 2 rashes, small, one on my back and then on mid stomach. My Dr said it was shingles. I was in bed for 2 weeks cause I felt so bad with no energy. Not really any pain. Went to see another dr cause I was so exhausted and tired..no energy. He looked at my rashes and said it wasn’t shingles.. did more blood work.. tested be for HIV etc.. came bk and i tested positive for HSV1 virus of 13.54..I am still very exhausted and tired and seem to not be able to get any energy. Went bk to dr, another dr, did more blood work, tested for lyme disease, rocky mtn spotted fever, b12, all came bk negative. I had a EBV AB VCA OF 179.0. And AN EBV NUCLEAR ANTIGEN AB 443. I’m still weak, exhausted, depressed and worried. Just really no answers..tested for hepatitis and all negative. Please help.. anxiety is out to roof.

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  1. In my opinion you have two possible explaination
    1 you have an ear infection which require an otologist
    2 a virus infection , need to see your blood tests to identify its type

  2. After having similar symptoms and going to multiple medical doctors, a rheumatologist informed me after taking a quick test where I stood with my bare hands and feet on metal plates that I have a type of peripheral neuropathy and the prescription he gave was for Vitamin D3 (5,000 iu) and B complex. I have added glucosamine on my own when I feel especially weak in my knees (from prior injury). It’s been over 1 year and I now feel better than ever and most recently noted I no longer have the symptoms as often as before. I think the condition is related to fibromyalgia (I have never been diagonsed with this). My symptoms started when I felt a strong (squeeze-like) pressure in my legs that could hardly walk up a slight hill without an extreme amount of effort (like I was wearing lead tights). The “sore” or aching, tight feeling would last throughout the day.

  3. In my opinion none of your symptoms are systematic and they may be multiple system involvement so I think low back or lumbar disc lesion could be a possible cause of your Lower limb heaviness ..and fatigue..
    Allergic reaction is possible cause of rash ..your immunity seems weak and you may be having deficiency of some vitamins and malnutrition ..
    Balanced diet and stress release and healthy life style can be helpful solitions.

  4. hi
    a nerve compression in the lumbar spine is a possibility.
    a mri of lumbar spine can be done.
    a systemic viral / chronic inflammation needs a consideration.
    a blood culture and detailed blood assay can help pinpoint the diagnosis.

  5. HI

  6. hello there
    some kind of infection in the body,some sort of hormonal changes can cause these symptoms.
    deep vein thrombosis in legs can be a cause of leg heaviness.

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