5 Comments on “I am (suffering) pain on left side of my chest?

  1. Can you describe pain, how long you have had it etc.

  2. Please how old are you?
    Do you have any medical history?
    How is the pain like?
    Is there breathing problem or sweating?

  3. Hi
    Left side chest pain can be caused by simple muscle strain or broken rib which then increase pain when you sit or sleep
    Or cough, splenomegaly can be cause of left side chest pain , you should feel general fatigue if this is the case ( are you alcoholic?) , there is the possibility of pneumonia plurrisy or plural effusion if you have breathing problem or respiratory problems.
    Hope you can give me more details to give you an exact diagnosis
    Good Luck

  4. hi
    left side chest pain has many causes- heart related,slipped disc in neck,oesophagitis,reflux,indigestion,costochondritis etc.
    get a ECG done to rule out cardiac causes.
    A chest Xray and endoscopy will rule out other causes.
    do follow up here with the reports.

  5. Would u please
    Describe the pain, place, radiation, what increases it and what decreases it, severith
    How old are u
    Female or male
    Any other medical conditions

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