I am suffering from poly cystic ovarian disease?

I am 27 years old woman having two kids. My height is 154 cm and weight 75 Kg. I am suffering from poly cystic ovarian disease.
Is there any effective treatment for this disease. Now we are trying for third child. But my periods are irregular. It is been two and half months since my last period.
I consulted doctors before, they will give tablets for 5 days to have period and it worked.
(1). should I take tablets every month to have menses? or (2) is there ant permanent solution?

I am trying to loose my weight. I don’t eat any junk food or oily foods. I do exercise regularly, but I am loosing not a bit. (3) What should I do to loose weight?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi ,I recommend a harder exercise type,and metformin intake after meals 3times daily,eat a lot if vegetables and avoid carbs in your diet (enough for breakfast).
    It takes time to treat pcos so be patient .
    If sizes of cysts increased enough to be removed get them surgically removed ..

  2. Hi
    Yes you should use tablets every month , there is no safe permenant solution,
    Regarding losing weight, avoid carbohydrates, eat oily food containing plants oil like olive and corn(i know it sounds weird) , avoid animal fats like butter , avoid
    Completely avoiding oil can stop your metabolism , also do a thyroid profile to make sure it is not hormonal related
    Good luck

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease is a group of symptoms and there is no permanent cure for it..
    So inorder to conceive you will have to focus on:
    1.Weight loss, first and foremost thing.
    2.Maintaining a healthy diet, eat more organic and less of processed foods.
    3.Drink plenty of water..
    4.Medications like Metformin can be advised by Gynaecologist for reducing insulin resistance, weight loss and promoting ovulation.
    Folic acid is also commonly advised.
    5.Clomephene can be given to induce ovulation following follicular monitoring.

    Taking tablet for 5 days is a temporary solution to induce mensus.

    To loose weight I would suggest you to consult an Endocrinologist and get evaluated and a hormonal profile can help in ruling out causes like thyroid problems like Hypothyroidism that can cause obesity as well as disturb mensus and hinder pregnancy.
    If any hormonal imbalance is ruled out then hormone replacement therapy along with dietary
    modifications and workout can help..
    -Start with daily brisk walk in the morning for about 45 minutes, you can start with thirty minutes and
    increase to 45..
    -Join some cardio exercises like Aerobics, yoga etc..
    -You can start taking warm water with honey and lemon in morning and warm water at night after
    -Take food in small portions and eat every after 2 to 3 hours..
    -Do not eat late at night..
    -You should also keep patience as it will not loose your weight in a month and can take about 4 to 5
    months to see apparent difference..
    – Add cinnamon in your vegetables and foods as it helps in improving metabolism..
    -Cut down on carbohydrates and add more of fibres like salads and also proteins like pulses in diet..
    -Eat green leafy vegetables, preferably cooked in very little oil..
    If you want faster results then you need to consult a Physical trainer and go for weight training and
    muscle strengthening exercises along with above explained home remedies..

    Hope this helps..


  4. hi,
    to lose weight you need exercises and a strict diet plan that needs to be followed meticulously.
    taking daily tablets for regular menses wont rectify the problem permanently,it will help the cause only temporarily.
    The best option would be to get completely cured of PCOS.It can be done with medicines or if the cyst size is big,you need it removed by laparoscopic decompression.

  5. I recommend you to consult a nutritionist and physiotherapist, the will help you a lot in losing weight

    Surgical treatment is another option for treating pco

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