I am suffering from dyspepsia and pain under my belly button?

I stay sometimes for 4 days without going and I start suffering from dyspepsia and pain under my belly button. And i feel lile i got a big weight in my pelvis I’ve taken a defecography with barium from anus and I’ve been diagnosed with rectal internal prolapse and rectocele. But is it possible that I can also have an enterocele and this create a small bowel partial occlusion and prevent feces to arrive to the colon ? If this is possible can you tell me an exam to ascertain this problem ?

Age: 22

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  1. And also I wanted to add that this happen when I start training and making exercise with my abdomen

  2. A Rectocele and Enterocele can occur simultaneously. An Enterocele can be posterior (besides rectum) or anterior (besides bladder). An Enterocele may put pressure on rectum but not necessarily prevent evacuation. In any case, it would have showed up during the defecography. If you feel it has been missed, you can request a dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Your problem seems to be caused by the Rectocele. Yes during abdominal workout the symptoms would tend to be be more severe.

  3. Hi.
    Exercise can increase the severity of pain and should be avoided till your Physician allows you for the same.
    Also you should get an MRI done for further confirmation..
    Surgical correction needs to be done to ease in defecation and other symptoms..
    You should consult a Gastric Surgeon and get further evaluated..

    Hope this helps..


  4. Dr.javez Ernesto thanks for the answer .
    My dilemma is that the defecography was taken with barium only from anus and Not also from mouth so i was thinking that maybe the enterocele couldn’t show up. Can you tell me if even the defecography was made like this it would have shown the enterocele?
    Unfortunately my general surgeon doesn’t want to prescribe me mri and I’m tired of feeling sick.

  5. Depending on radiology center procedures and instructions, a Dynamic Rectal Examination (DRE) or Defecography may involve ingesting and injecting barium to improve visibility . If only injected, then the Enterecole would probably have showed up as a general abnormality. Then a barium ingestion would have been recommended for a more detailed exam of the Enterecole. So, yes, the Enterecole should have been noted, especially if it was prominent.

  6. Thanks for the answers. My last question is. Could the enterocele if present prevent stool to arrive at the large intestine creating a small intestine obstruction.? Or the enterocele only affect the defecation so the stool can arrive at the end of the colon ?

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