I am suffering from Bell’s palsy from 11 days?

Dear doctor
I am suffering from Bell’s palsy from 11 days
40 yr/ male
onset with persistent paroxismal pain in the ear……..
Even after 11 days of high dose prednisone with antivirals,,,,, couldn’t relieve pain
Plz. Dr. what can I do? worried about disfiguring…

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  1. Hi
    Your ear pain could be bacterial ear infection so I recommend seeing an otolaryngologist , you may need antibiotics
    Good Luck

  2. Hi,
    the treatment you are presently taking.
    Steroids are the most potent anti inflammatory medicines and you already are taking it.
    You can add pregabalin and methycobalamin tablets as well.
    Bell’s palsy usually takes 3-4 weks time to heal

  3. You have to start physiotherapy in firm of laser ultrasound massage exercises ..

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    You should consult a Neurophysician and get evaluated so that he can advise you Neurotic painkillers to relieve pain..

    Also get a blood test and MRI SCAN done for ruling out the exact cause of the symptoms..

    If antiviral medication is being given then it can be due to viral infection..

    You will also be advised Physiotherapy on the form of facial exercises for improving disfigurement..

    Hope this information helps..


  5. Can u upload a picture for it face

    Btw, it’s will take some time for treatment to be effective , but I wanna be sure about the diagnosis

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