I am preparing to have bariatric surgery?

I am preparing to have bariatric surgery. Some recent blood work came back showing low phosphate levels and slightly elevated alkaline phosphatase levels. I’m wondering what this could mean for my surgery? Could it potentially cause a delay? I am concerned about a delay in the process or possibly stopping the process altogether

Age: 32
Medications: Celexa, abilify, Wellbutrin, salbutamol inhaler

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  1. Based on these results I don’t see any reason to postpone surgery. You are just slightly below one and slightly above the other – almost within normal range in both cases. Try to follow a healthy balanced diet. Increase your Vitamin D levels and – if you drink alcohol – try to cut down.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query.

    I have viewed your report and you are well within the range to ger surgery done as such a small variation cannot be considered under any deficiency or excess..

    Some times the referance range may even vary a little causing these changes.

    So yoy can very much proceed fir the surgery.

    However follow the proper protocol and guidelines that your surgeon must have advised you before you proceed.

    Wish you all the best.


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