4 Comments on “I am pregnant, how long should I wait after I stop taking Valtrex to nurse?

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    The dosage of acyclovir in milk after valacyclovir is less than 1% of a typical infant dosage and would not be expected to cause any adverse effects in breastfed infants. No special precautions are required when using valacyclovir during breastfeeding. In one study, administration of valacyclovir to mothers with concurrent herpes simplex type 2 and HIV infections reduced breastmilk shedding of the HIV virus in breastmilk at 6 and 14 weeks postpartum, but not later.
    So no need to worry about it…

  2. Herpes will be transmited only via plisters not milk
    So make sure your baby does not touch any blisters

  3. Its almost safe to use valtrex while breast feeding

  4. It is not a cause if concern as it does not affect breast feeding .
    But you can stop it by 35-36 weeks.

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