Question: I am on a diet – lost 30 lbs – bladder now overactive – pressure and urgent to use bathroom

I’m 19 years old with what seems to be Overactive Bladder. Back around October of last year I started dieting in order to lose weight, at the time I was around 170lbs and I now weigh around 140lbs. I did not do any exercise, instead I stuck to a very limited and strict food diet. I would only eat once a day and would work 11hours straight at work without eating. My hair did start to weaken and fall out more. I am now eating normally again and maintaining my weight safely. My question is, could my diet have caused my bladder to become overactive? I cannot drink anything other than water now & my bladder is so sensitive that even if I have just 2oz in my bladder I feel the pressure & urgency to use the bathroom.

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  1. Hi.
    Diet is not generally a cause of bladder weakness or incontinence,if you are having those symptoms … try first doing a Fasting and postprandial glucose tests..if negative.. then you just have to keep drinking water but go for keggel’s exercise to strengthen your bladder Muscles and control the urgency..
    If you are having burning sensation in your bladder or pain … this would indicate a stone that might be usually stimulating the bladder wall to empty…which can be detected by U/S of bladder and some urine tests.
    and finally do not try hard strict diets as they are really bad for your health.
    keep on a 5 meals diet as long as you can… take enough protein and fibers plus water…

  2. HI..
    it is possible that the diet changes that you had made earlier may have caused this weakness of bladder sphincter. so the bladder control has got weak.

    but , its nothing to worry. now that you are eating well again, it will gradually be ok and the sphincter will act normally in a few months.
    take vitamin and calcium tablets to hasten up the recovery process

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