I am having trouble breathing and have two holes in my chest?

Having trouble breathing and have two holes in my chest

I have 2 holes in the left side of my chest and 4 gashes on my upper left torso, also have a few gashes on my left shoulder, and my ribs are broken on the left side as well. Every time I take a breath, a weird blowing sound, along with frothy blood comes out of the holes in my chest, making it hard for me to breathe. The holes are in my upper left chest area and near my left nipple. They both blow bloody bubbles out in spurts each time I breathe. The holes are about the size of a half dollar coin and make blowing sounds each time I breathe. I called for an ambulance and the EMTs cut my shirt off completely and are saying I need to go to the hospital. They said I need to have oxygen and might have a “punctured left lung” and a “sucking chest wound.” What do these terms mean and why was my shirt cut off? What will the EMT’s and doctors do to treat my condition, and after I leave the hospital, what can I do for self care at home? Male

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  1. you are experiencing a medical emergency,
    call or visit your local emergency service or go to a hospital…

    The American College of Emergency Physicians

    considers the following as warning signs of a medical emergency:

    Bleeding that will not stop – Breathing problems (difficulty breathing, shortness of breath) – Change in mental status (such as unusual behavior, confusion, difficulty arousing) – Chest pain – Choking – Coughing up or vomiting blood – Fainting or loss of consciousness – Feeling of committing suicide or murder – Head or spine injury – Severe or persistent vomiting – Sudden injury due to a motor vehicle accident, burns or smoke inhalation, near drowning, deep or large wound, etc. – Sudden, severe pain anywhere in the body – Sudden dizziness, weakness, or change in vision – Swallowing a poisonous substance – Upper abdominal pain or pressure.

  2. Hi.
    You should immediately get admitted to a hospital as you are in a serious medical emergency..
    It looks like your lungs are also punctured or damaged due to accident and it can cause complete breathing failure..
    Do not delay at all you need immediately intensive medical care..

    Hope you get well soon..

  3. Hi
    Punctured left lung means chance that the hole reach the lung which may cause lung collapse,
    Sucking chest wounds means sucking blood that may fill your lung and stop your breathing,
    Cutting your shirt was a right move assuming blood was covering the area also assuming you may need cardiac defibrillator in case your heart stop as a result of blood filling your chest cavity
    You will need to keep bandages and avoid sleeping on your right side to blood does not fill the other lung, (YOU need to be in a hospital)
    Good Luck

  4. i am sorry to tell you that , you should not be writing this message from home now as you need urgent medical attention in a hospital and be admitted ,this is a medical emergency as the complications are fatal and may cause lung collapse ,pneumothorax ,and many other problems…

  5. Go to the ER right now , and inform us after you become safe and okay about the updates…

    Good luck

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