I am extremely tired, suffer from chronic diarrhea, stiff joints, please advise?

I went to my Dr with chronic diarrhea. It has been an issue on and off for several months but in the last two months it has been constant. I had bloodwork done and my liver enzymes were elevated and my Dr is sending me for a liver ultrasound and a colonoscopy. I am also experiencing very dry skin, eyes and especially my mouth. The mouth dryness is on the inside of the lips and around the outside of the tongue. It feels like I have burnt my mouth but I haven’t. I wake up in the morning with stiff joints in my hands and feet. I am extremely tired. I sleep 10-11 hours a night and feel I need more. I am 60 and had a complete hystrecomy at the age of 44 and I not on any hormone replacements or no other medication.

Age: 60
Medications: None

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  1. Hi..
    Chronic diarrhea can cause water loss leading to dehydration that can inturn cause weakness, dry mouth..

    Burnt sensation in mouth is due to dry mouth causing thinning if mucosa, inflammation and scalded feeling..

    Along with colonoscopy and ultrasound you should also get a stool culture and CBC done..

    For now take oral rehydration solution to recover from electrolyte loss, drink plenty of water, take small frequent meals..

    For dry mouth you should chew sugar free chewing gum, use oral lubricants like Oralgel..
    Suck ice to reduce burning.
    Avoid spicy and irritant foods..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Original Poster:
    I have had bloodwork done and it shows elevated liver enzymes. That is what is concerning me the most. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy and I am doing the stool culture.

  3. Hi..
    Yes please get it done and upload the reports..

    Wish you good luck..


  4. Hi
    diarrhea is usually the first symptom of liver failure, so I hope you could show me your liver profile tests, diarrhea treatment is easy, just take dehydration solution (sold at any pharmacy) , also Streptoquin will stop diarrhea immediately
    Good Luck

  5. Hello.Liver disease can present with chronic diarrhea at times.Do you also have nausea,vomiting and yellowish discolouration of skin eyes?Take lot of water and fluids.Eat light home cooked food.Get a complete blood count,stool culture and ultrasound abdomen done.Dry mouth can be due to dehydration.Use Orasep mouth gel for dry mouuth.Take care and keep us posted!

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