I am detoxing from alcohol?

I am detoxing from alcohol
I am taking 2.5 mg of diazepam as needed
Also magnesium and vitamin b supplements. Have been drinking about four beers and some wine for several days. I was wondering if I could take 5htp, gaba or l glutime to ease symptoms. I am 1000 miles away from home my symptoms are lack of appetite and fatigue

Age: 64
Medications: Diazepam for essential tremor

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  1. The lack of appetite and fatigue you are experiencing may be a result of combining Diazepam and Alcohol – which is not recommended. Diazepam helps stimulate GABA receptors, so taking any form of additional gaba stimulator is duplication and not a good idea. There is no drug interaction between Diazepam, 5htp and L glutamine. But if you can stop the alcohol, I think your energy and appetite will return.

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