Question: I am 50 years old, doctor says no need for contraception?

Hello, I am 50 years old, my 2 last periods were 6 months apart and very light – spotty. blood test – TSH 4.26; t4-free 1.0; FSH 81.5; Prolactin 11; Estradiol (E-2) 24.67. I had my IUD (one with no hormones – NovaT) removed last week after 10 years of use (5 years each time) and am not taking any sort of hormone therapy. my gynecologist said I don’t need any form of contraception any more.
I would like a second opinion…Given this background information, would you reach the same conclusion, that I no longer need contraceptives of any kind?


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  1. u have had periods in last 6 months,that means its not a full menopause still..
    though very very less chances of pregnancy, but still there is a very rare chance.
    continue contraception till u get no periods for atleast a year

  2. I would wait at least a full year with no period

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