I am 42 years old and obese, how much does Bariatric Surgery cost?

I am 42 years old and obese. I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long without any success I just decided to give up, how much does Bariatric Surgery cost?


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  1. Many people don’t seem to realize that the cost of a surgery, Bariatric, Gastric Sleeve Surgery or other will depend enormously on the location ie: country. region, city where it is done. For example in the United States, a gastric sleeve surgery will probably cost around US $ 25,000, in the United Kingdom, it will go for just around £ 15,000, in Australia around $ 35,000 while the cost of gastric sleeve in India is around $5,000, in Thailand it costs around $ 8,000. And as low as $ 4,000 in Mexico. The best thing to do is to shop around. But BE CAREFUL. Check the experience and track record of the hospital and surgeon who will actually do the work. Get a patient list. Do your homework. But don’t be afraid of using a doctor or going to a country you are not familiar with. Some of the best doctors and facilities in the world are hidden away from the public eye. Cuba for instance have some of the Best Doctors and Facilities
    in the world! And of course the perfect doctor for you may be right next to where you live.

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