I am 22 weeks pregnant, ultrasound shows Single Umbilical Artery, please help?

Single Umbilical Artery observed in 22nd Wk L2 Pregnency Ultrasound. All other Parameters are observed fine related to Growth of Fetal. Want to know how to deal with this. Can we go for Amniocentesis or Chromosome Study as Low Lying Placenta with 15 cm distance? Confused. Please help……


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2 Comments on “I am 22 weeks pregnant, ultrasound shows Single Umbilical Artery, please help?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query…

    Single umbilical artery is seen in about 1 in 100 cases and the fetus can many a times grow healthy and born healthy and not always born with any birth defects..
    Although still there can be chances of congenital abnormalities but as your stage 2 report is not indicating any abnormality so you can still wait and get regular doppler studies done..
    Going for amniocentasis can have its own complications so it should be avoided if not necessary..
    For now you should wait for your next scan..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    Also as the placenta is at 15 mm from the internal o.s in the 22nd week and also as the placenta is posterior therefore you not to worry as with progress of pregnancy the placenta can move upwards..
    So in this case also you need not to worry for now..
    With upcoming scans further course or pregnancy can be planned..
    For now everything is fine..
    You should avoid constipation, do not hold urine for long and also avoid climbing stairs and take appropriate rest..

    Hope this helps..

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