I accidentally took a dose of omeprazole?

I accidentally took a dose of omeprazole. I’m on Lipitor. Will I be ok? I heard that you shouldn’t take the two together. It was just one 20mg dose of omeprazole. I took it this morning at 6. And I have a schedule dose of Lipitor tonight. Can I still take my Lipitor tonight and be ok?

Age: 70
Medications: Lipitor

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  1. Yes. You should be OK. Omeprazole actually increases the effect of Lipitor. So a one time dose of Omeprazole will probably have virtually little or no effect. You should be OK to take your Lipitor, if you feel stressed about it you can skip it today – if it puts your mind at ease.

  2. Hi.
    Well Omeprazole gives its antisecretory effect at the peak after an hour of taking the medicine.
    The antisecretory effect goes down to half in 24 hours.
    Also the half life of Omeprazole is 1.5-2 hours.
    Therefore it is clear tgat the effect of Omeprazole starts getting lesser after 2-3 hours.
    So if you are not taking Lipitor along with Omeprazole during the same time and also it is a single dose, therefore there are rare possibility of any problem.
    Yoy can continue taking Lipitor as scheduled.

    Hope this helps..


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