How do I get rid of ulcers on my legs?

How do I get rid of ulcers on my legs? They are about a quarter inch in size and will not heal. They just scab over with this yellowish kind of semi hard scab.. and also produce a clearish liquid when the scab is not dry or it falls off…I’ve used every kind of thing to try and heal it like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide even neosporin but it doesn’t seem to work, actually seems to make it worse.. I also have a Sample RX bottle called ALVECIYN Dermal Spray which is for pressure ulcers and things like that. It’s the only thing that works at all and has healed smaller ones.. I will attach a few pictures of different ones I have. Any information would be great.

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  1. hi..
    such ulcers take time to heal. if routine creams and sprays arent working, then you should consult a surgeon / dermatologist.
    newer advances like laser treatment can help.

  2. It’s a Morgelln’s sore. I have suffered from them for 10 years.
    They are extremely slow to heal. I’ve had some that wouldn’t heal for over 9 months.
    I have 4 on each lower leg now and 1 on each arm.
    Alot of times they get that white dried skin around them like yours does.
    Have you had fibers start coming out of any sores yet? I didn’t start getting fibers until about 2 years after I started getting sores, and then they took off with a bang. I usually have black, white and Royal Blue. Sometimes the fibers kind of weave together and cover the sore.
    You will start to see a lot of other weird things too, so keep an open mind and remember that I warned you.
    I haven’t found anything that will make them heal. I’ve had some luck with soaking them in warm sudsy water. Epsom salts were too harsh. I took alot of oral antibiotics and used antibiotic cream and they didn’t seem to make a difference at all. Usually I just rub in some A&D ointment or Gold Bond Healing to keep them moisturized. Covering with bandaids helps a lot.
    They change shape, and the color of the drainage and of the scab, if you want to call it that. Alot of times the scab is kind of slimy and slides right off. Sometimes you will get scabs that are as hard as rocks and don’t come off for a long time.
    Brace yourself—-sometimes those hard scabs turn really dark black and you would swear it’s some kind of insect shell.
    I never found any kind of parasite, you don’t have bugs. As the disease progresses you will get more sores and more weird scabs that aren’t anything like you used to have.
    I get a lot of scabs that are embedded with fibers and sometimes you will see something that looks metallic in them. Oh, I get a lot of forest green fibers too.
    Nothing that you see is an actual bug.
    I must sound like I’m nuts, but I have been dealing with these sores for a long time.
    I’m a Registered Nurse.
    Doctors can’t help you because they don’t know what these sores are, and they don’t believe in Morgellons. Avoid dermatologists, they are the worst. They will tell you that you are crazy right away.
    You are on your own with these until the world is ready to accept Morgellons.
    Remember that you don’t have any kind of bugs.
    When I first started getting the sores I had a lot on my head and some weird stuff came out of them. Sometimes weird stuff comes out of the ones on your body tooo.
    Also remember that you are not crazy no matter what you see.
    Good Luck

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