4 Comments on “HIV test is non reactive is further testing required?

  1. Hi
    No it is not accurate because antibodies appear later so you have 2 options , no1 is to repeat after 3 month of initial test, no2 is to do antigen test
    Good Luck

  2. hi,
    its 99% sensitive test. but to confirm,you need to get a pcrrna antigen test.
    window period is 6 months post-exposure.
    so repeat the test after 6 months from your date of exposure.

  3. It is a highly sensitive but not usually Indicator of infection or else as the production of antibodies takes from 3-6 months to show ..
    So you need to do an antigen test.
    Or wait 6 months to repeat this one.

  4. It can take 3 to 12 weeks (21-84 days) for an HIV-positive person’s body to make enough antibodies for an antibody test to detect HIV infection.

    More early detecting tests .. are
    Antibody/Antigen Combination Tests…
    RNA test.. western blot

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