Question: HIV and AIDS?

Had my hiv test done after after 5 months of possible exposure it was – so was my partner,fell pregnant a month later,went for prenatal classes on my 7th month it was+.I was given ART I didn’t take it, I had my son 7weeks ago he’s- but I still tested +,Read that pregnancy can cause false+,HIV specialist confirmed it that it can happen. Should I be worried?

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  1. 2 virologic tests both negative would confirm negative result

  2. can happen in rare cases.
    u need to repeat the test after 2 months . a level 4 test would be more confirmatory

  3. Hiii Actuley i had unprotected sex with CSW last year in December. After 4 days i did hiv 1/2 antigen and antibody test result negative , 28 days after full STI including HIV result negative and finellay i did test again after 48 days same test result negitive . Now doctor said that i have to do test again after 90 days i facing symptoms lime ulcer stiffing neck but not fever and rash . My question is that how accurate is my result in sydney and mau infected with hiv

  4. It’s been 30 days I had a protected sex with a sex worker we had a vaginal intercourse she. Did oral sex with Condom on I did not know about her status but I say the Condom was intact and the whole sperm was collected at tip of penis I am just worry about if there were any holes in the Condom moreover I have no fever but I got sore throat for 1 month and cough with phelgm for 7 days and I just check one side of Condom not another side and she uses little oil to lubricate her vagina

  5. I had a non occupational exposure risk to hiv
    The partner hiv status is unknown

    I started pep 12 hours after exposure viread300 plus zeffex 300 for 28 days

    Hiv p24 antigen only is done at 28 days post exposure and was negative

    Hiv antibody (third generation) is done 6 weeks 12 weeks 14 weeks and 16 weeks post exposure and all came back negative

    As 4th generation test is not available where i live

    Can these results make me reasonably negative for hiv

  6. Dear doctor,
    I hope this meets you with great speed.

    On November 3, 2019 around 2am, I was drunk after hanging out with some friends. I am not blaming the alcohol but myself for what happened that night. I took a lady that I met in a bar to my hotel room to spend the night together.

    I ended up having sex with her. During the process I noticed that the condom I wore pulled off (her vagina was very dry) and then I hard to stop. Judging by the minutes the sensation changed when my penis was still inside her vagina, I would say maybe 4 minutes. I had to deep my hand inside her vagina to remove the condom. I had no cut in any part of my body. I even kissed her and still I don’t know if she had any cut in her mouth.

    I called her on phone around 1pm that same day & asked her about her HIV status but she sounded offended & said he was clean & negative.

    The next day, I had to buy a PEP called “Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300mg”. I have already taken one dose.

    Did I do the right thing?

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