Hit my head, MRI indicates white matter hyperintensities?

I had severe headache stay for two weeks which started after when my forehead hit with piece of wood. Then i have done MRI in which report says white matter hyperintensities found. some time i feel hard to remember new task and feel sleepy even after 8 hour sleep.
please tell me what are these white matter hyperintensities and how can we cure it. what is the side effects of i.

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  1. Hi
    This means you had a concussion (little bleeding) , you should be better within 3 weeks, after 3 month you should be back to normal almost 100 % , your doctor will recommend rest (mental and physical rest) also avoid taking aspirins or pain medication, you can only take Tylenol if needed
    Good Luck

  2. hi
    these white matter intensities mean that there are micro-haemorrhages in the brain tissue.
    Usually,these resolve spontaneously within 6-8 weeks.
    consult a neurologist.
    fibrinolytic enzyme tablets like trypsin/serratiopeptidase will help.

  3. Hi
    Regarding your question

    Did u suffer any black out ??
    I need you to consult a neurosurgeon ASAP….
    It’s not a good sign to have severe headache….

    If u can, send me your MRI

  4. This finding is common and does not mean any problem but only concussion manifestations,give yourself enough rest daily and eat healthy food,you should do another MRİ Soon after 10weeks ..

  5. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..
    It looks like there are bleeding spots post traumatic brain injury..
    Although it will take a few months to get better but proper follow up with Neurophysician and follow up MRI scans is a must..
    You should also avoid taking any blood thinning medications..
    You should avoid stress and take sufficient rest..

    But consult a Neurologist at the earliest..


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