Hip replaced with radiation, now my bones are weak?

44 female…i had a car wreck in october 2011… They replaced my hip and put radiation in it to kill the bone. Can that be causing my otber bones to become brittle and break easily? Id never had a broken bone until that wreck and now it seems i can barely trip and my bones snap…i have no insurance so I’ve broken 5 bones in a year.

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  1. hi
    yes,you are right.
    the radiations may be responsible for the weakened bones.
    get a DEXA whole body bone scan done to assess the overall bone quality.
    get calcium and Vitamin D levels checked.
    Bone mineral densitometry (BMD) should be done.

  2. In my opinion radiation on hip bone can not cause this much bone weakness , i recommend you check your parathyroid hormone , calcium/ magnesium levels
    Also have a urine analysis for possible kidney nephritis
    Till then you need calcium vit D supplement , i recommend osteocare tablets twice per day after 2 meals

    Good Luck

  3. By the way radiation can cause frequent fractures if kidneys were in radiation range

  4. I have seen some cases who developed low bone density after radiation exposure therapy..
    I recommend BMD test ..calcium serum test…

  5. It could happen unfortunatly..
    But its exaggerated due to may be hormonal imbalance, i believe you do have osteoporosis, do BMD , start taking osteonate once per week at the morning half an hour before breakfast and do not eat anything vefore with plenty water and osteocare once everyday after meals and do urine analysis every 3 months … But start osteocare a week before osteonate,

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