High thyroid level, is surgery or nuclear medicine better?

am suffering from last nineteen years hyper thyroid first year am taking neo mercazole 5 mg tablet ( 3 numbers ) propal10 ( propatheline ) TAKE THE MEDICINE IN 6 MONTHS AFTER TO STOP MEDICINE. TWO YEARS LATER THE symptoms have begun again I am taking medicine neomercazole 20 mg and atonale 50 mg,
now my thyroid level is high my physician advises me surgery to remove the gland can you suggest is better nuclear medicine or is better in surgery

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  1. Well,
    U have the option of radio active iodine – Lugols iodine, it’s great
    Try to discuss this option with ur doctor if u don’t wanna undergo the surgery

  2. Remember,
    Either going to surgery or radioactive iodine , monitoring of TSH and t4 levels is mandatory in order not to become with hypothyroidism

    In case of radioactive iodine, doses should be adjusted properly

  3. Hi
    Surgery is much better, unless you have an idiot preforming the surgery.
    I would go with surgery if I was in your shoes
    Good Luck

  4. In my opinion surgery is the treatment of choice now after all these medications for years,but it needs regular close follow up..

  5. hi,
    for better results,surgery is anytime better.
    If performed precisely and accurately,it has good prognosis.

  6. Hi..
    Surgery can help in reducing thyroid levels but it should be taken care that there is not drastic fall in the thyroid levels..
    So post surgery regular monitoring is a must..
    But if non surgical treatment that is through medications controls the levels then you can continue with the same..
    Opt for surgery only under an expert surgeon..

    Hope this information helps..

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