My daughter had a gastroenteritis bug?

My daughter was sick on Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, vomiting with a gastro bug. She was better by Friday. On Sunday morning she awoke with a petechial rash on her forehead around her eyes. How long after vomiting does it take for petechiae to show?

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  1. hi
    this depends on the amount of infection and her immunity levels.
    usually 24 to 72 hours is the period time.
    start on antibiotics if still there are signs of infection.

  2. Hi
    In my opinion petechial rash caused by straining should appear within minutes to hours , petechial rash that show 3 days later can have another cause ,
    I recommend you see a pediatric doctor to check for infection

    Good Luck

  3. The rash could be of another cause..
    Did she initially receive treatment for the gastroenteritis?
    Have you done a stool analysis at the end?.

  4. I believe there is no coorelation bet the petechie and the food poisoning,

    I wanna make sure that rash is not elsewhere

    Please do her CBC and stool analysis, check the rash distribution, is she on any kinda medications,

    If it disappear, zo it could be due to the infection she got and its self limited

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