Hepatitis B serology results, am I infectious?

Hello, I have a question about my hep b serology results. I was under the impression I have a chronic infect but the results are confusing to me as they indicate that I am immune and that I have cleared a past infection.

HBsAg: negative
HBsAb: 140 IU/L
HBcAb: positive

I have done research into the interpretation of
These results and I’m lead to believe that the presence of HBsAb and a negative HBsAg shows I am immune and that I cannot infect others with the disease.

My GP said that I am immune but couldn’t tell me if
I was a chronic sufferer and if I was infectious.

Any help would be appreciated.


Age: 35
Medications: None

3 Comments on “Hepatitis B serology results, am I infectious?

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    Your test results indicate that you are not presently infected as HBsAg is negative bit presence of HBsAb indicate that you have antibodies which makes you immune as these antibodies can either be due to past Infections or vaccination.
    But as you also have HBcAb that is most probably an indication of past Infection..
    But presently you do not seem infected..
    For further confirmation consult a Physician or Haematologist and get evaluated..


  2. Hi,
    Nothing to worry about you are immune and you do not infect others ..

  3. Hi
    You are not infected and you can not get infected and you can not infect anyone
    Your fine