Heart Disease – Feel Extreme Pain before Falling on a Floor.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease and its Symptoms: Do you ever watch a heart attack in movies? If yes, then definitely, you have an idea about the condition of a heart attack. In the film, you can easily observe that a heart attack patient feels clutch in the chest, rolling eyes, feel extreme pain before falling on a floor.

A Silent Heart Attack:

Sometimes, the pain you experience is not that dramatic that you have seen in movies, and sometimes people do not face any symptoms like pain in the chest, etc. 

A silent heart attack is confusing, and even sometimes, you don’t know that you have a heart attack, But it would be considered dangerous and life-threatening. This attack is similar to the other episodes, but it damages the heart silently without knowing you. The heart needs a rich amount of blood. Circulation and function in the body, but when plaque appears in the arteries, It will become a reason to cut off the blood circulation and sometimes slow the system at the current level.

Heart Disease

Symptoms of Silent Heart Attack:

In medical terminology, a silent heart attack is known as myocardial infarction (SMI). According to a Harvard health publication. Only 8% of people are found with myocardial symptoms, and the most surprising thing is 80% of people are unaware of the condition after every ten years. It is mostly found in men rather than women. To aware you some symptoms are given below:

  • Chest pain and hard to breathe
  • Discomfort in a different area of the body like jaw, Arms, etc
  • Sleepless nights and dizziness
  • Feel vomit, Nausea, and cold sweats.
  • Feel the pressure and squeezing in the center of the chest.

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