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Health-Related Fitness

You already heard the phrase which is “health is wealth” health-related fitness belongs to the activities. Health-related fitness will help you to increase your physical stamina, keep you stay healthy for a long time. It is particulars working on some core muscles like cardiovascular endurance, the strength of core muscles, flexibility and stamina, the endurance of muscles, and composition of a body according to the situations.

Health-Related Fitness

There are five main components of health-related fitness:

  • Muscular strength means that you have the amount of power to apply force from your muscles. It usually can measure by your capabilities of lifting. The less muscular strength people face many problems, including back pain and muscle pain. Pushups are the best way to find out your muscle strength.
  • The composition of the body is the percentage of body fat and other tissues. People who have a high percentage of fat consider as ill and become a reason for death earlier. The right amount of food and on time will be to increase composition in your body. Body composition can be measure through different tools like calipers and specialized scales etc.
  • Heart/lung/cardiovascular endurance is the ability to do a different exercise for a long time, which can be possible when you have a strong heart, Strong and healthy lungs, and clean and clear blood vessels. It can happen due to swimming, aerobics, and running activities.
  • You need to learn to use muscles without getting tired, and Muscular endurance is an essential ability; you can improve muscular endurance by doing sit-ups and lifting weights.
  • Flexibility is the ability to stretch your joints differently. If you are joints are healthy, then you do not face any injuries so, do stretching to increase flexibility in your body.

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