Had upper right absinthe pain for 3 month’s now?

Had upper right absinthe pain for 3 month’s now. Tenderness below rib area and ache. Had ultrasound sound, all clear. Bloods fine. Chest x Ray clear. Have lost mother 5 weeks ago. Doc says its stress and anxiety which I do worry constantly. and won’t refer for mri as previous tests fine. On gabapenin for pain which helps. Is it stress ? Should I pay for mri? Have no other symptoms except those described.


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  1. Hi..
    If the symptoms are appearing to be an outcome of stress and anxiety then first of all better start doing yoga and meditation and start thinking positive..
    Check yourself for improvement..
    Although it can take time and does not occur in a day so you need to keep patience and continue..
    If the symptoms does not improve then better get an MRI SCAN done..

    Hope this helps..

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