4 Comments on “Had surgery on my tail bone won’t heel, doctor said was good but it’s not?

  1. Non healing of a surgical wound can be caused by wound infection !!
    What is the type abd surgery was for?
    Have you taken antibiotics?

  2. hi,
    it doesn’t seem to have healed till now.
    infection in the underlying tissues or osteomyelitis of the underlying bone are the 2 possibilities.
    Get a Xray done
    If there is discharge coming out of it,send it for culture sensitivity and start on appropriate antibiotics.

  3. Hi
    Unfortunaly this type of surgery takes from 3 month to even a year to heal , so when your doctor says it looks good he means it is not infected
    Good Luck

  4. Tailbone surgery is a minor one, its main problem is the long healing process. Generally, it takes three months to a year after the surgery before patients see any relief, and sitting is difficult throughout the healing process.u need to wait and also u need a goon pain managment

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